shuru majboori me kiye the meme template – mirzapur meme

shuru majboori me kiye the meme template, mirzapur memes images

The Shuru Majboori Me Kiye The meme originates from the 2018 Excel Entertainment’s Web series Mirzapur Season 1. In this Amazon Prime Video series, Guddu Pandit (the character played by Ali Fazal) says this to his father Ramakant Pandit (the character played by Rajesh Tailang) when his father argues the morality of his sons’ work. He says, “Shuru Majboori Me Kiye The, Ab Majja Arha Hai.” The popular use of Shuru Majboori Me Kiye The meme is to convey the expression of being in joy when doing something which was previously being done in a state of unwillingness.

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