Tum bhsdiwale meme – Mirzapur Meme Template

Tum Bhosdiwale meme template of Mirzapur 2, mirzapur2 meme template

Tum bhsdiwale meme template by Mirzapur2 Amazon Prime Video.

The Tum Bh@sdiwale meme originates from the 2020 Excel Entertainment’s web series Mirzapur season 2 episode 9. In this Amazon Prime episode, Imran Alam (the character played by Hemant Kapadia) says this dialogue to Munna Tripathi (the character played by Divyendu Sharma) when Munna Bhaiya asks for a final wish from him. To which Alam replies, “Tum Bh#sdiwale, Tumhare Papa Bh#sdiwale, Tumhare Dada Bh#sdiwale.” The popular use of Tum Bh#sdiwale meme is to humorously make fun of someone who is irritated.

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